7 Tips To Overcome the Yoga Pant Wars

I love yoga pants. I loved them as a chubby girl. I love them even more now. That sentiment can also be extended to my skinny jeans, jeggings, and leggings. When you’ve worked hard getting in shape, are getting close to the 50, and your legs just look good, go for it. If you are chubby, so what, enjoy them. Wear thosWalmart Man in Yoga Pantse yoga pants!

Unfortunately yoga pants have got a bad wrap. We are yoga pant shamed by old men, airlines and now a New York Times reporter who thinks you shouldn’t even wear yoga pants for yoga. Really? What next, no bikinis at the beach?

I’m going to go all JLaw and say, I can wear what ever I want.

Okay, within reason. No one really wants to look awful and shamefully wind up on the People of Walmart site. (Although, I’m beginning to think the picture feed is starting to fill up with those that want 15 minutes of fame rather than this is really how they shop.)   There is a right way to pull off yoga pants and a wrong way. While we shouldn’t be judged by what we wear, we are. And, let’s be honest, when we get dressed in the morning or are getting ready to go out, we play by the rules most of the time to dress in something that makes us feel good about ourselves. Or, if we don’t, we most likely know we are a little down, not feeling well, or are getting ready to clean out the garage and garden.

Here are my rules for yoga pants that you may or may not agree with. But, they do keep me out of trouble with those side long glances and sneers most of the time – except the times when it comes from jealousy which I actually find amusing.

  1. Athletic yoga pants are for exercise. Those mesh cutouts and athletic pants are for running, skiing and the gym. I tend to not wear them any other time because I’m more concerned someone is going to think I’m covered in dried sweat and smelly than if they don’t like a little butt jiggle.
  2. Leggings, jegging, skinny jeans are best worn tastefully. I don’t wear sneakers but rather pair with boots or ballerina flats. It dresses them up and makes me look less like a teenager. My legs are in good enough shape that I will pair with a waist level cashmere sweater. But for work I keep it professional with a silk blouse and blazer. No over the knee boots for this 48 year old – then I just look like a couger.
  3. Get the right size. You wouldn’t buy a bra that was to small so it looked like you have 2 pairs of girls instead of 1 pair. Same goes with these skin tight pants. In the right size, you won’t create bulges. You won’t accentuate that cellulite in your thighs. You won’t see those panty lines. They don’t fall down. If you are a little on the cubby side, there are great yoga pants and leggings with a wide control top to help shape your curves.
  4. Throw out the pilly pairs. The great thing about yoga pants, leggings and jeggings is you can get them really cheap. But, they only look good for a few wears. When you see pilling and they are stretched in the knees, time to throw them away. There is no reason to wear them out and about when they look like the rag you wash your floor with.
  5. Leave pajamas at home. There is nothing worse than the loungewear look outside of your house. This is where many of you are probably going to roll your eyes at me. But, it goes back to what I said in first point. Don’t look like your rolled out of bed when you go to the store, restaurant or on a plane/train/bus. You look like you didn’t shower and probably smell. As you can see, I have a hygiene thing. Be gross at home, that’s your thing. You don’t need to share with me. Besides, it says something about how you respect others by how you respect yourself.
  6. If you don’t like them, that’s okay too. I was brought up to always put yourself together when you go out. Dress appropriately. Be proper. Dress your best. Follow the dress etiquette. Buy quality. My grandmothers would be rolling in their graves if they caught me in these pants. I can hear my mother in my head every time I put them on. I get it. It was a different time and compared to most, a different culture. But, be respectful and unjudging. If you don’t follow my rules, so what. I’m still going to be respectful and kind. I hope you can too.
  7. Be a rockstar. There will be one outfit that will take you a little out of your comfort zone but still makes you feel amazing. Mine is a pair of real black leather skinny jeans, suede tan calf skin halter top and a white fitted long sleeve tee. I put on a pair of Steve Madden cutout western ankle boots. I look hot and I know it. It is at once my rebel outfit and at the same time my, “I did it!” outfit. Everyone needs to look like a rockstar once in a while.

Skinny jean hunter (criminal)

Is it horrible that I stole a pair of my daughter’s jeans?

To be fair, she is four inches taller than me and officially a size larger. So, when I saw a pair of her jeans come out of the wash that were definitely on the small side for her to wear (in my opinion), I took a chance. I snuck them up to my room, creeped into my dressing room, closed the door and immediately pulled these little jeans on and posed in front of the mirror.

…and ooh, did I look good!

Now, the proper thing to do was to fold them up nicely and put them back in the pile of clean clothes she would take to her room. Instead, I snuck them into my suitcase and brought them to Europe.jeans (2)

I even did another unthinkable, I took a selfie in my hotel room today in them as evidence of my crime. So, now you get to see me at 44 lbs smaller in all my criminal glory. (Maybe if I’m brave I’ll show you the old chubby girl me.)

I sit here blogging to you from my hotel bed in the glory of these skinny little jeans. They are so comfortable. I really don’t want to take them off. Can I sleep in them?

I guess the next step is if I will get the courage to give these jeans back. I mean, they really are too small for Em. I can’t imagine she still wears them. They were probably at the bottom of an old hamper and finally made it into the wash after years of neglect. Come on, they’re Delia’s jeans from her freshman year in high school. These jeans like me now, right? I look good in them. Right?

Ugh, I know, I need to give them back. Stop your tsking…


Say hello to skinnier jeans

The hard work is paying off. Down another pound for a total of 8. While I don’t see the difference, I did have a couple big wins.

Work is keeping me busy and I had hockey duty last night. I normally would set up in the café area, grab some greasy dinner, and work until my son was done with goalie lesson. Instead, I went to the mall to get walking and climbing stairs. The food dangers were everywhere – Lindt Chocolate, Cinnabon, Starbucks and the food court. I walked past them all.

I did stop in Ann Taylor for work clothes and found the most adorable lilac-blue blouse. I pulled a large and then picked up the medium on a whim.  Guess what, the medium fit!  I couldn’t believe it. I even had to crow to the salesperson.

This morning I woke up to a very yucky wintery day. While jeans aren’t prohibited at work, they are frowned upon during the week. But, I saw an old pair of jeans a size smaller than I normally wear in my drawer. Still glowing from last night’s victory, I put them on. Oh, and they fit! In the end, bad weather day plus getting into skinnier jeans, I strutted into work wearing them proudly.

Love my skinner jeans and can’t wait to show off my new blouse. Here’s to the skinny strut!