Travelers guide for going fat to fit

This past fall I looked in the mirror and realized I didn’t know who was looking back at me. 65 lbs heavier than I should be and no amount of searching could find clothes to hide it. At 47, it was time to do something about it. I had to rethink my lifestyle.  I had to figure out why I got so fat.

Some things won’t change.  I’m a road warrior.  I travel most weeks out of the year foraging  for food in the airline lounges, on the plane, on the concourses, in the hotels, at clients, and restaurants. My exercise time is often limited to airport walking and sporadic runs to make tight connections. If I happen to be in a walkable city, I put the effort in to get out and walk but that certainly hasn’t helped. I roll my suitcase past hotel fitness rooms and swimming pools thinking, “I should have brought my running stuff and swimsuit.” And, promptly forget as I do the 15 minute change out of my suitcase between my trips.

The thing is, I certainly can’t be alone out there. Yet, when looking for a weight loss program, there wasn’t a single one that took into account people like me. I know how to diet. I love my trackers and am happy to record my habits and progress. But, its gotten to the point after several attempts doing this on my own that I need more support.

So, here’s to sharing my experience through ups and downs and hoping that others out there will get inspiration and share their experiences.

This is my chubby girl journey to the health me…