Should I get rid of the sag?

Pulling off 60 pounds and 35% of your weight leaves you with a little bit of flabby skin. A lot really. My knees are little elephant like. My butt is more skin than butt. My boobs a baggy mess.  It’s nothing that a nice pair of jeans and good bra can’t fix. But, it does bother me.

My knees are what they are and there is nothing I can do about them. My boobs and butt, maybe a little nip and tuck would be nice.

I can’t believe I’m actually considering this. It feels so vain. I mean, I’m not that young anymore. I look better than most 48 year olds. Tom doesn’t care. I just hate looking in the mirror every morning and seeing sag.

Looking around I found websites and videos of plastic surgery and was mesmerized and horrified all at once. If you watch a boob lift it is pretty extensive and reconstructing. It then takes up to 6 months before your are completely healed. So, this is no small thing like a botox shot or a simple eye job. No, it is major surgery.

I’m on the fence. Maybe I need to sit on this a bit more…

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