Slacker Day Abroad

I was doing so well leading up to my Japan trip and even when I got here. Running (hit a PB of 9:07 min/mile) eating right, sleeping fairly well considering I’m halfway around the world. Getting to the hotel at 4p after I don’t know how many hours of travel from Boston, I donned my running gear, pounded a treadmill for 30 minutes, took a shower, checked email and headed to dinner with my client. Waking up yesterday morning, I ran again and made it through a very long day of presentations and drinks (only had one) out with colleagues until 10p.

I now sit in my hotel bed with definitely enough time to fit in a run. Instead I’m slacking, giving into inertia and complaining to you about my lack of motivation. I should get my lazy butt up as I have a morning of presentations before hopping on a plane back home and 18 hours of travel. I’ll essentially be run-less for two days. But, I’m done, a bit home sick, and honestly could use a dose of American food.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had some amazing Japanese meals. There was a clam dish served in an extra large shell that puts Boston’s clam chowder to shame. Yet, as I sat at lunch yesterday, the client executive who had to leave lunch early got a Japanese version of a turkey club with french fries. Let’s just say, I was certainly ready to have that as I smelled that wonderful fried aroma. My colleague’s expression said he was having the same yearnings, and he is French! It was a bit of disappointment when the vegetable puree soup came followed by various other Japanese small dishes. I know, typical American – what a Singapore acquaintance characterizes as just being a white person. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve succeeded in wasting enough time that I don’t have any left to hit the gym or get outside. Need to hop in the shower. Slacker Abroad signing out.

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