Where Did All The Petite Clothing Go?

With fall coming in I am looking high and low at the fashions and relishing all the things I can wear. Yes, I have a clothing and shoe fetish. I am a closet scanner of Vogue, pour over the pics from fashion weeks, and stalk Neimans, Saks, Bloomies and Nordstrom stores. Now, I can certainly not afford to stock my entire wardrobe this way, but picking up a few pieces or pair of shoes and then building affordable pieces around them or getting a great knock off cheap is my strategy. Thus, I was really really really looking forward to a bit of a shopping spree and releasing some pent up demand as nothing fits me from last year.

For the past couple weeks I’ve gone online and hit the stores only to be let down and not a little perturbed. Petite clothing sections are hard to find or no longer exist. Petite sizes that would intermingle in the racks are also far and few between. In fact, for those high end stores where I used to never see anything over a size eight, I can’t find anything under a size 2-4 and the sizes are going up to 14.

Where did all the little women clothes go?

It is not to say you can’t get a size 0 or size 00. Online does have these sizes. My issue is that this doesn’t mean the clothing is also petite – shorter inseam, shorter torso, shorter arms. There are regular clothes that work (typically tops), I just need to try them on. Pants is a different story. Not only is length a problem, I’m also finding that my smaller butt doesn’t fill out the rears of those little jeans. Saggy bottomed skinny pants are not attractive on 48 year olds.

I should be happy. I shouldn’t complain. It does keep me from going crazy buying a new wardrobe. It is just so disappointing that where it used to be easy to find smaller sizes that is no longer true. It takes the air right out of my balloons.

But, this got me thinking, have women increased that much in size that retailers and manufactures don’t make money by creating smaller clothing sizes? Did they lose money as smaller sizes sat in purchased on racks and warehouses? One thing I noticed is that women’s sized clothing is shown side by side with regular sizes on websites now. Even on high end sites. That never happened before.

Well, I guess I just need to keep looking and hope this is just an early season thing. I was at least able to get these skinny lamb’s leather pants that make me feel like a rock star.


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