Fast Food Letdown

I have only had two hamburgers the entire time I’ve been on my chubby girl journey. Each time I was in a desperate situation of traveling from point a to point b and had little time to be a ‘Sally’ with my special food needs and requests. Those experiences were not at my ultimate burger joint – Five Guys – and didn’t warrant a nod to decadence.

I always said that when I reached my goal I would head to Five Guys for a Little Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion and ketchup. Sans fries, but not sans peanuts! Today was the day. I hit two goals, weight (110 lbs) and mileage (ran over 5 miles yesterday with many hills). Tom was all to happy to help me celebrate as his probably goes to Five Guys more for the fries than the burger.

Anyway, I stepped up with my silly grin and went for it.  I then headed to the peanuts and grabbed a scoop along with an extra boat for shells. And, even though the air conditioning had my shivering, I was all warm and giddy as I waited and smelled that greasy grill.

Then the burger came. I delicately unwrapped the foil allowing myself a slow tantalizing reveal. My burger peaked out and I swear it was smiling at me. I took a bite, savoring that first explosion of salty burger, sweet bun and savory onion.

And then, that’s when it all crumbled. After more than nine months thinking about my Five Guys burger celebration, the burger was just okay. In fact, it was a little too greasy. Don’t get me wrong, it was good enough to eat the whole thing, but it certainly wasn’t all I had immortalized it as. To be honest, the peanuts were better.

Here’s the thing. All the angst over the foods we are giving up to be healthy is just misrepresented hype. For each time I’ve deviated from healthy food to guilty pleasures I’ve come away disappointed. The open faced grilled chicken with ham and Swiss, not as good as it sounded. The Weiner schnitzel at the German restaurant, just okay. The mac and cheese with grilled chicken, more greasy and overly creamy than tangy cheesy.

On the other hand, I have had a couple guilty pleasures over the past 9 months that were amazing – Gustavo’s for authentic Cuban and PhoSure for yummy Vietnamese soups and pho. So, in a way, I’m finding what is worth the splurge and what is just an empty splurge.

When its all said and done, here is my words of wisdom. All that bar food, fast food, packaged food and desserts, it really isn’t as good as you think it is. Whole foods really grow on you. For real!

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