Our New Neighbors

Not my regular post on my chubby girl journey, but I thought I’d introduce you to my new neighbors.

This weekend I got a shock when there was a black cat sitting on my brick walkway. We had a black cat that was lost last year most likely due to a fox or fisher cat. Stout was 17 and getting old, and while this may sound horrible, at least he passed on in the natural order of things and I didn’t have to watch as he was getting more and more rickety. Completely selfish, but I was devastated none the less.

So to see a black cat I immediately started to analyze it through my window to see if it was my beloved Stout. I knew it wasn’t, even from the beginning. But, there was always that little hope. I even went to open the front door to greet this majestic beauty but she puffed up her tail and ran for the hills.

Well, today while on a conference call, I looked out the window and was the cat again. To my surprise, she wasn’t alone! There was a little black fur ball a few feet away looking up at my curiously. That was it, I was distracted. I had to check this out.

I went out the back door so as not to startle mamma cat and walked around to the front. At first there was no sign of these kitties. And then, I peeked around the rock wall of our garden and there was mamma, about 30 feet away looking at me with concern. So, I laid down flat in the grass, stretched like a cat and rolled up my belly just like I see my Brie and Essie do when they are letting each other and the dogs know they aren’t going to be mean, then I meowed. That got mamma cat to calm down and even sit, although she was still keeping an eye on me and looking up toward the garden.

It was then that I looked up at the garden and about 15 feet away at the top of the wall was a kitten staring down on me ever so curiously. Oh how cute that little thing was.  So, I got up, went inside the house, and got a couple bowls out for water and food. When I came back out and put them down I saw there wasn’t just one kitten but two!

Mamma cat is a little skittish and took a walk, but the kittens are playing and hunkering down in our front garden right now. Mamma has been spooked by us before and has come back so I’m sure she will come around again.

I’m on the fence about calling Animal Control. We have a lot of predators around the yard from fox, fisher cats, coyotes, mink and hawks. Its why we don’t let Brie and Essie outside (We lost not only Stout but our tabby Sirabi to predators). No more outdoor cats for us. But, these cats are definitely feral and it always makes me a little sad to see feral cats try and be domesticated. They so obviously would rather go back to their free roaming lives.

Anyway, here are my new neighbors – kitten 1 and kitten 2.

IMG_0424 IMG_0427



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