RVing and Running

Day 3 and finally I have an internet connection again. It was the first long haul trip in Bertha, our RV, and except for a wrong turn down windy mountain rounds in PA, it's been great.

Pulled into Black Moshannon Campground late and missed my window for a run. But, the next morning I got in a trail run along the lake and through the woods. I got a nice tour of the park and some ideas for the day. The park is beautiful. If I had more time I'd hike the Allegheny Trail. For a family get away, there are cottages, boats to rent, and pavilion areas for gatherings.

We hiked the ski slope trail that was supposed to be the most difficult and tallest point, but was really more like my runs through Hopkinton. I think Mid Westerners might get scared of New England trails. I was all about this 3 mile loop for my morning run but I woke to rain. So, we pulled out after only a couple nights and headed into Ohio.

The ride to Alum Creek in Delaware Oh was pretty easy. We got in late afternoon and my legs were itching for a run. I got lucky that the Mid West summer heat and humidity today was missing. As soon as we were hooked up with slides out I had my running gear on and was out the door.

I checked with the desk ahead at checking about running trails and they showed me a small trail outside the campground. A couple of the women said I wouldn't like it back there, too rocky. But that was exactly what I wanted. They thought I was crazy when I said I like dirt over pavement. Oh well. Anyway, couldn't find trails and did keep to pavement and through the nearby state campground. Not the most scenic, but at 3.5 miles, I hauled (for me) at 10:30 min/mile. It took my runner legs edge off and with a jump in the pool and a glass of wine, my day is complete!

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