Skinny jean hunter (criminal)

Is it horrible that I stole a pair of my daughter’s jeans?

To be fair, she is four inches taller than me and officially a size larger. So, when I saw a pair of her jeans come out of the wash that were definitely on the small side for her to wear (in my opinion), I took a chance. I snuck them up to my room, creeped into my dressing room, closed the door and immediately pulled these little jeans on and posed in front of the mirror.

…and ooh, did I look good!

Now, the proper thing to do was to fold them up nicely and put them back in the pile of clean clothes she would take to her room. Instead, I snuck them into my suitcase and brought them to Europe.jeans (2)

I even did another unthinkable, I took a selfie in my hotel room today in them as evidence of my crime. So, now you get to see me at 44 lbs smaller in all my criminal glory. (Maybe if I’m brave I’ll show you the old chubby girl me.)

I sit here blogging to you from my hotel bed in the glory of these skinny little jeans. They are so comfortable. I really don’t want to take them off. Can I sleep in them?

I guess the next step is if I will get the courage to give these jeans back. I mean, they really are too small for Em. I can’t imagine she still wears them. They were probably at the bottom of an old hamper and finally made it into the wash after years of neglect. Come on, they’re Delia’s jeans from her freshman year in high school. These jeans like me now, right? I look good in them. Right?

Ugh, I know, I need to give them back. Stop your tsking…


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