Doing the Chubby (Skinny) Girl Dance

Got on the scale today and found I lost 30 pounds! I had to get on it three times to make sure the thing was reading correctly.

I did a little butt jiggle dance and a few air punches to celebrate. I then went into my closet and started trying on clothes that hadn’t fit in years.  Cool thing, I’m wearing a favorite suede tank top now that I hadn’t put on in six years and a white jean jacket that I hadn’t worn in four years.

Still have about five pounds to go on a Theory velvet shirt, but I was able to snap it up. It’s just a wee bit tight on the chest.

It must have been my workout this weekend. 45 minutes on the elliptical pounding out to Guns n Roses and the power walk around Boston and Cambridge with the hubby. But it wasn’t all work. I had Vietnamese food and calamari – yummy.

Still keeping to my daily plan goals and gearing up for travel this week. No time for workouts today, which is really bumming me out. But, running shoes are packed and healthy snacks are going in my bag so the week is looking up. Need to keep up the momentum.

More than half-way to my goal – chubby girl out.

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