Yoga on the road

I hadn’t done yoga in a few years. To be honest, I really needed to lose some weight to make bending over easier and not kill my wrists and shoulders in downward dog. But, I was able to find an app on my Amazon Fire TV and one to download on my iPad and picked it up again.

The first attempt freaked out my dogs and confused my cats.  My Eskimo went crazy with barking and my Husky kept wining and speaking while bouncing around. My two cats kept coming over and moving in between my arms and legs trying to figure out what I was doing and then going over to the dogs to see why they were so upset. Not the most calming and focused yoga session for sure. I bailed after 10 minutes.

So, yoga now happens in my bedroom where I can close the door to keep my fur kids out.

It was a good trial run though. While the app has okay yoga sessions, being more of a beginner again makes it useful. I’ll probably figure something out later that is more diverse and challenging. Isn’t that what yoga is about anyway?

The best thing is that by working with no mats or blocks and simply finding a place in my bedroom that has enough room for my movement, this is going to be a pretty easy activity to fit into my travel. 30 minutes is doable and I still have options for 45, 60, and even 90 minutes if I’m inclined.

The only disappointment is that yoga isn’t the biggest calorie burner. Certainly it depends on the style, but my cardio is much more effective. What I can say is that I can feel a difference in my muscles.  A little achy in my shoulders and thighs that feels pretty good.  I know I’m starting to build more tone and strength. And, I am pretty calm and relaxed after. In the end it should help lift my metabolism.

The coming week is crazy with time in Atlanta and Seattle. I’m hoping for good weather so I can get out for walks and run. I’m budgeting in time for yoga 2-3 days as well.  I’ll let you know how it goes. Namaste.

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