Healthy Living Success Achieved On The Road

I did it. I did it and I didn’t feel deprived.  I put all my healthy living plans to work for me the past few days and I have the numbers to prove it.

2/25 154.4
3/2  149.4
Broke the plateau
18 lbs lost since New Years

bikinHeading to an event this week in FL you can imagine the long buffet lines of heavy breakfast, pasta, massive sandwiches, and the rich dinners at good restaurants. To be sure, that was the case. It certainly took all my control to leave the bread rolls alone. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have some options.

First, thank you to the Marriot who was accommodating both passively and actively. The cook at the omelet station had egg whites ready and helped me with a high protein, low fat breakfast of eggs and fruit. The pool menu let me order an amazing spinach salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, walnuts, and blue cheese with the dressing on the side. And at a dinner with dessert options, Marriot let me change the mixed berry item with a lot of sugary toppings to a simple big bowl of fresh mixed berries (one of my table mates even commented that my dessert looked good). There were also yogurt and smoothie options (healthy but high calorie) for me to keep in mind on visits when I’m maintaining my weight.

As for the other meals that the event sponsor provided, there was plenty of salad and vegetables to load my plate and take small (2-3 oz) servings of lean chicken or fish. I could easily fit in glasses of white wine and snuck a piece of bacon and half a piece of garlic toast. I did have one bad day, cutting into my WW point by 3 and adding 200 calories, but so be it. No harm, no foul in the end.

I got in a lot of walking and did some pool exercises. Not a huge activity time, but enough that my Apple rings were respectable. My worst activity day was coming home as I had a long drive to the Tampa airport and then stuck on the plane. I also hadn’t been able to eat until 3:00p that day and was forced to a grilled chicken sandwich lunch and a weak moment of French fries.  But, I kept that meal in check (half a sandwich and half the fries) and was still way under my points and calories for the day.

To be honest, the worst thing that happened was my over exuberance in being able to wear a bikini at the pool, not spraying my stomach well and a have a burn stripe. Bad for belt days, but the two months of working toward healthy is worth the stripe.

So, my travel was a success and leading up to that of days hitting between 10K and 20K steps, including a 6.5 mile walk, all lead to the biggest weight loss week since I started.  I’m not going to assume or even try to repeat that loss as it is unhealthy and leads me to crash diet thinking. I certainly didn’t try to drop 5 pounds in a week and was honestly working to hold my weight or be happy with a pound. But, after a plateau and a good amount of fear about this trip, I have a lot to be relieved and happy about.

Here’s to my chubby girl brag blog!

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