Eating Healthy At The Airport

On the road again and connecting through Newark on the way to Tampa. I was able to grab breakfast before I left and throw in my Vietnamese leftovers for the flight. But, I still have the munchies and won’t be able to eat until about 8:30p tonight.

No worries!

Turns out, in terminal C in between gates 80 and 75 is the Global Bazaar. There are ton of healthy things to pull.  I grabbed pomegranate seeds (100 calories/0 points), carrots and hummus (230 calories/7 points), salted edamame (200 calories/4 points) and karma water.

I don’t think I’ll eat all the hummus or edamame to cut back on the calories and points. But, it is better than the restaurant food or the candy and chips I normally find.

The downside is that it’s a bit pricey ($20!). If I was better prepared I could have grabbed this before I went. Although, I think I need to just realize that I am always rushed and its about making better choices in the long run.  I feel like I accomplished that.

Running to my connection. Happy travels!

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