A Beautiful Winter Day On The Beach

ipswich-in-februaryFor all the complaints of winter in the Northeast, it is days like these that make us New Englanders appreciate nice days more.

It hit 60 degrees today and the sun was out. An open house in Ipswich pulled us to the North Shore in our hunt to move to the ocean as our empty nester period draws close. Tom craved the sun and outside, opening up the sunroof sun shade to let as much light in as possible for the hour plus drive up.  While the radio would normally be on, I kept the car quiet so as to take in the day and talk with my husband.

The house was a bust, but the day was not. Driving up 1A a little further we turned right at the sign for Cranes Beach and Castle Hill. Tom had his camera in tow and I had my hiking sneakers ready for a long walk on the beach. We pulled up to the pay shack and were greeted by the most happy man. He took our $10 and wished us well.

The road in was cratered with pot holes and the parking area was part pond, part mush, part mud. But, that didn’t deter us as we finally found a spot to park and get out without stepping into a deep puddle.

It was then that the magic began.  Walking up the steps, across a boardwalk over the dunes, and down to the beach, the wind picked up a bit and the sun poured its warmth. It took everything I had not to just fall back to the sand and worship the sun.

Tom went his way to take pictures and my feet just took me south.  I walked and walked, watching the kids shovel sand, build castles, and beg parents to help. Couples and friends chatted and walked taking a pause every so often to just gaze out at the water.  And, best of all, the horses were out with their riders while dogs looked on curiously and even tried to get their attention to play. People were taking pictures of each other and asking others to take pictures of them. An older couple asked me to take their picture and I gladly obliged.

My little slice of heaven turned into an hour walk.  When I finally met back up with Tom he asked, “Could you get used to this?” Yes, yes I can.

10K steps
a little color on my face
a little stiffness in my thighs
a little calmer in the mind and heart

Here’s to a beautiful day on the beach in the middle of a New England winter…

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