Reaching the Plateau

Long flight yesterday and I came home tired and crabby. The Pike was a complete disaster, backing up before the Alston tolls at 3:00p. With little to eat but cereal, fruit, yogurt and tea, let’s just say I really just wanted to push the other cars out of my way and get home. Instead, after an hour and forty-five minutes later I pressed the button to open my garage. A decent dinner and time on the treadmill cleared my head and put me in a better mood.

This morning – weigh in. The bummer is that even with the changes to my body (flatter stomach, smaller thighs, and even finally going down a size in my work blazer) the scale had a mean sense of humor. In a week I have only lost a half a pound. In two weeks you can only add another .2 to that.

Yes I had a bad night of Superbowl celebrating. Yes, there was Valentines day dinner. Yes, there was a night of weakness where  I had a slice of pizza (with a big salad). But, that is only three nights and only Superbowl was a complete blow-out. The other two just took me over my plan by 100 – 200 calories.  And, the bigger thing is that I’m more consistent on working out, getting in at least 30 minutes per day.

So, I know its official. I’ve hit the plateau. I did a little searching on breaking plateaus and came across a couple of great posts to give me some ideas

Taking this advice to heart, I need a plan:

  1. Food: I looked at my meals and with the exception of my 3 fails noted, I’m eating pretty healthy. Lots of vegetables, controlling my fruits, lean meat, and low fat or at least healthy fats from eggs, nuts or avocado. I keep my grains healthy and high fiber and avoid the bread. I wouldn’t call me a vegetarian, but I’m pretty close. I also have days where I eat a bit more than others but stay on track. What I do notice is that I shifted from small meals throughout the day to the typical 3 meals per day.

    Plan: Keep it up and stick to my goal ratios for fat, carbs, and protein. Up my fiber. Add in one high carb meal like pasta to trick my body into upping my metabolism. Smooth out my meals and add in healthy snacking while reducing my calories in my main meals.

  2. Exercise: Consistency took a bit,  but the past two weeks are proving better. If I don’t have it in me for intervals, I up the incline and power through 45-60 minutes of a power walk. I’m getting about 300 minutes of aerobic activity per week now and see my steps go up from 2500 pre-healthy plan, to easily hitting 10000+ steps per day. On my @$$ sitting days, I get 7000 – 8000 by forcing myself to walk my calls and just be active.

    Plan: Keep up the treadmill work. Incorporate more strength/resistance training with free weights, yoga, and my Pilates bench. My basement gym has all I need and the fitness areas at the hotels are equally sufficient. I had this yoga subscription for my iPad at one time that I think I’ll renew so I can do at home and on the road.  I also have these resistance bands to throw into my suitcase. Adding in 15 minutes per workout is doable.

  3. Motivation: Down two jean sizes, down three belt notches, down a shirt size, and down a blazer size demonstrates progress. Considering I’m only down 12 pounds in six+ weeks is progress.

    Plan: Keep going to the scale but keep perspective.  My biggest body changes so far have been when my weight hasn’t changed more than 2 pounds. I wouldn’t call this adding muscle, but at least some sculpting is happening. Use my clothes and mirror more to validate my progress. Will I need to take more weight off to go down another size? Yes. But, I also have to realize that at 47 getting back to my 35 year old body will be work. I need to take the little wins as the indicators of life changing and sustaining progress.



3 thoughts on “Reaching the Plateau

  1. Plateauing is never fun but when it happened to me I looked at it from the bright side, because it forced me to make a couple I otherwise probably would’ve never made. Especially when it came to mixing it up with food and the types of exercises I did. Keep working at it, you’ll get there eventually. Good luck with your journey, and great blog too. Would you be interested in sharing your stories on an additional platform?


    • hi charlotte – thanks for the support. I’m trying to keep positive and just go a day at a time. I agree on mixing it up. Outside of the benefits to breaking through, it makes the journey a little less monotonous. Feel free to share this where you like and point back. Happy to tell my story where ever. If I can inspire others, it makes this chubby girl journey even better.

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      • Yes, definitely! Monotonous is never fun if you ask me.

        Happy to hear that. I’d love to send you some more info regarding our platform, would you be willing to send me your e-mail? In turn, feel free to shoot me a message (my contact details are on my blog)


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