When The Healthy Plan Hits a Snag

I had such great plans going into this trip.  Pack my bag with workout stuff. Throw in some food take alongs. And then life got in the way.

I’ve gotten so used to living out of a suitcase with a packing approach that revolves more around throwing in uniforms rather than outfits and having the basics of toiletries always set to go, my Valentines Date glow got in the way. I packed quickly and at least got my running shoes and workout clothes in. Missed my bathing suit. In the morning I was tired from going to bed late and realized on my way to the airport I forgot my nuts, veggies, and sweets. So I reverted to my old self and grabbed a Starbucks – at least I got an Americano and not my stand-by latte.

I had no time to stop at the healthy food store in the airport as I squeaked through pre-check just in time to get to my gate. I boarded the plane with stomach growling.

Choices for the meals were disappointing and I picked the least unhealthy thing  – thai chicken curry – and only ate half the chicken, the bok choy, and avoided the rice. I wolfed down the salad with only a drizzle of dressing, but I couldn’t avoid having a quarter of the pretzel roll. I ordered a cranberry juice and realized my poor choice after that beautiful red elixir was delivered. Three sips and the guilt about drinking my calories sank in. The killer was that the snack basket never came around and dessert was sorbet or a cooking.  I pulled on my noise cancelling headphones and threw myself into a movie to clear my head of a crappy lunch.

There was a silver lining to the day…

Still guilty about a lunch covered in sauce and knowing I was meeting a friend for dinner, I hit the gym for an hour right after I checked-in.  It completely cleared my head. The added benefit was that I hadn’t really looked at myself in a massive mirror since my chubby girl journey started. What a difference!

My stomach is flattening out and my mid section no longer looks like a ball. My thighs have slimmed down and I also realized they don’t rub the way they did (you know, when the thigh flab flaps against each other). No one would ever think I wasn’t overweight, but I can definitely start seeing myself getting to my old body again. It is now making sense that I was able to buy two pairs of size 8 jeans last week (down from a 12!!!!) and my belt has gone down 2 notches.

Anyway, diner was good – a couple whiskeys, chickpea cakes, and an apple crisp and I stayed within my points for the day as well as my calories (and that doesn’t include the calories burned in my workout. And, I got to meet up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a number of months.

Closed my Apple rings and then some.  So, the day was bad because I wasn’t as prepared as I planned. But, with a workout to reset my head and a sneak peak of what I am hoping to look like by end of year, I’m at least prepared to tackle day 2.  Wish me luck!

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