Super Bowl Rollercoaster

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Last Thursday at my first Weight Watchers meeting we talked about getting our strategies together for the Super Bowl.  People talked about saving all their weekly and daily points and counted out how many wings they could have. Some were staying in and sticking to plan. I was going to a friend’s party where the menu was typical tailgate fare. So, my strategy was to bring a few items – salad, shrimp and chicken sausage – to keep me to plan.

Well, just like the Falcons, I started off strong then lost control. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Patriots fan. So, woot! woot! Amazing comeback. I’m going to have to take a page from that playbook on my chubby girl journey because I did great up until halftime and then the desserts and wine went around. I need a comeback and badly.

I had only hit my points for the day after eating my dinner and was willing to go in for the cookie, brownie and fruit for dessert. Another glass of wine, and this girl was rocking. Rocking so much that chubby girl emerged and was perfectly fine taking another wing, cookie, and brownie. If I had just stuck with my initial dessert, I would have been fine. The seconds brought me past my point allowance.

The only thrill I have is that Tom Brady pulled it off by finally throwing long and using another receiver as Edelman, while amazing, seemed to be his one-trick pony play first half. I’m all for the win yard by yard at times. But, we needed to do some serious driving with long passes to make up for the Falcon’s defense. I mean really, Tom is sacked on the first play?

Anyway, Brady showed that being down doesn’t have to be out. I’m starting a new day even if I can’t get myself to even look at food, let alone eat anything. For real, I am not hungry. I’m back on the plan and will figure out something to eat later. Now, I’m going to bask in the glory of a win and rejoice in the fact that instead of news filled with politics, it’s filled with the Patriots. It’s ultimately about the long game and I for one learned my lesson, don’t have that last glass of wine. Stay the course.


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