Getting My Run Back On


Running gave me peace. You hear about a runners high and it sounds like euphoria, but that isn’t quite what it was for me.  Running brought me a calm that I didn’t have otherwise. Three kids, consulting job, and juggling the house with my husband was exhausting.  Running gave me sanctuary. Work, unfortunately, finally won out and my running days waned.

My last great run was while traveling in London.  I was staying in the West End near Kensington Gardens. I woke at 5:30a and headed out while the sun hadn’t quite emerged.  I headed to the Lancaster Gate entrance with the intension of just looping to the Palace and back to the hotel.  Very short – at least I thought.

At one point I decided that I could just head out a gate at the top into a shopping area for a little longer route. What I didn’t realize is that I ended up on Kensington High St heading further west. I realized after a while I wasn’t seeing another park gate and lo and behold I was in Holland Park at the roundabout! My quickie run turned into about 8 miles with a touch of franticness as I had only my hotel key stuffed into the strap of my running bra and at this hour, there was no one about for help. In the end, I’m glad I did it as my stay for an event was short and this let me wander the west end down through Notting Hill and back to my hotel. Not a bad site seeing trip really!

My goal is to get back out on the road. I found an interval training app, loaded up a playlist, and got on the treadmill to prepare me for the spring. It’s embarrassing.  My 7+mph pace is at best 6mph for my all out. But, I can do 8 reps for 30 minutes on a level 2 incline now and just have to go with that and progress.

My thighs are sore, which to me is a good sign that my legs will be better prepared to go from treadmill to road or trail.  My mind is clear when I’m done which is helping with my freak-outs to know what I can eat for my next meal. And, even if I am not a runner yet, my little interval training makes me feel like an athlete again.

1 week of interval training down – a lifetime of running weeks to go.

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