16 days into my weight loss program…

16 days on my official diet (Weight Watchers) and I’m down from a high of 169.6 lbs to 163.2 lbs. 60 lbs to go.

The big challenge came this week as I had to travel to Munich for a client meeting.  The good news, I made it back  and found I lost a pound! I almost cried – in joy.


I had the worst time eating healthy and accurately tracking my food. A night out with the crew found me in front of a fondue pot and 4 glasses of wine. If I put in a meal name, my trackers always showed the diet prepackaged meals that don’t nearly resemble real restaurant food. The only thing that worked was my Apple Watch that tracked my activity.

Travel is my downfall.  Finding good food on the road is almost impossible unless you eat salads at every meal.  And, I hate salads!  Fitting in exercise outside of running across the concourse at airports to my gates (looking like I’m fleeing TSA) is another challenge.  Unless I’m in a big city and can get a walk in from hotel to client instead of taking a cab, my butt sits in conference room chairs, hotel beds, and restaurant seats and stools.

I haven’t found a program yet that gives me realistic tips and support for my travel lifestyle.  These seemed to be designed for people that can buy whole foods and cook at home. Apps don’t have menu items at hotel and high end restaurants in their trackers. Airlines don’t publish their nutrition information for the hot meals in first and business class. European hotels don’t always have gyms. The advice I get is, “Eat bland.” Well, not a good answer in my book.

Here’s what chubby girl learned this week…

  • Eggs are a girl’s best friend.  Have the hotel scramble up some eggs without oil, butter, or milk/cream.  Have them add in chive, spinach, mushrooms, any vegetables you like. Make sure they scramble and don’t turn it into an omelet. Don’t add cheese. The scramble comes to you light and fluff and completely fills you up. With a cup of coffee (splash of milk and stevia) all is good in the world.  Weight Watchers points 4 – calories ~200
  • Veggie crudité for that trip out. Skip the airport food and smoothies. Don’t buy the airline snakes. Fix up a disposable container of cut up veggies and drop in a mini container of hummus. Add in a cheese stick and you have a great light meal. Weight Watchers points 2 – calories ~175
  • Plan for big dinners. At least in Europe, dinner is a big deal. So, I ate very light during the day. I had enough to keep me from starving which also meant I needed to have the biggest salad I could find/make with some very lean protein and minimal dressing at lunch (blah!). It was horrible, but by the time dinner came, I had more to work with and could enjoy more options. I only had to avoid the obvious ones like wiener schnitzel, spätzle,  or overly saucy items. This allowed me one guilty pleasure night.
  • Pack nuts in snack baggies. I have an addiction to Sahale nuts. I can eat the whole bag in a sitting which is 4 1 oz servings. So, this isn’t something I would give up. Instead, I took Ziploc snack bags and put in 3/4 oz of nuts. Put these baggies back in the Sahale bag and brought it with me. I broke in once – as I was stuck in traffic driving home from the airport and felt the h-angrys coming on. Weight Watcher points 4 – calories 120
  • In city, walk. I do this anyway, but I forced myself to get out for walks to explore the city and not just a way to get from point A to point B. Carving out an hour a day had to be a rule as otherwise I would be in my hotel room working. It was more about giving myself permission rather than the fact that there wasn’t any time. I can find half an hour to an hour at home. I just needed to do that when I travel.
  • If you have to eat airline food…I was lucky to be able to travel first class where there are other choices for food. The portions are about the size of what you get from a single Stouffers meal which I know is about 500 calories. So, I skipped the bread, and dessert and kept to the salad and half of the meal that had a lean meat or was vegetarian.  At a mile up, eating too much doesn’t make me feel good anyway so I didn’t mind cutting back. I said no to the alcohol and stuck to water and tea with lemon.  FYI – here is a helpful link that shows different airlines and their menus/snacks in coach (wish there was info for first and business class meals too) http://www.dietdetective.com/dietdetective-com-annual-airline-food-investigation-health-ratings-2016-17/

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